Meet Our Team

meet our team

Wilmer Flores - Loan Officer

My name is Wilmer Flores, I was born in Los Angeles California. I moved to NY where I met my beautiful wife and when my son was born and we were shopping to get our own place and we saw the difficulties many young families face trying to find a place to call home. We found out about Florida through my mother who invested in Little city called Port Saint Lucie in the 80’s. She helped us move out here and get ourselves situated. Rent was much more affordable in FL than NY and LA and the cost of living for a new family like our’s was manageable. We struggled a bit but once we saw what Florida had to offer in regards of the quality of life for our kids, we never looked back. We saved as much as possible and worked through college and launching my career in Real estate. Fast forward I was able to capitalize on the tremendous growth FL has seen in these past years, I developed myself as a Hard Money lender and wholesaler. I have helped many families not only buy their first home but their first Investment (huge). Being able to help someone invest in RE has been a really rewarding experience. Now many of my investors are able to look forward to a retirement with dignity. I am here to serve my community and help young families get their footing in the real estate industry and out of poverty.

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